Tadhg – Space Love (2021)

Tadhg is escaping negativity and bringing a colourful look of love to our ears with ‘Space Love’. With this debut single, he offers a hopeful outlook on love and the world in general. Using metaphors, he delves into the otherworldly emotions that we often dream of feeling at the moment when we find our true love.

Through his music, Tadhg brings his visually engaging and thrilling performances to sonic glory. With a touch of Elton John mixed with George Michael, Lady Gaga and Queen, he swirls glittering tones into his artistry. Currently studying Jazz and Contemporary Performance with a major in Jazz Piano, he looks to improve his musicality while captivating audiences.

‘Space Love’ hits the ground running and draws you into the glittering disco tones. There is an undertone of old-school disco in the melody that is washed with a more modern edge. The vibes of the melody make you want to dance around to it while filling you with something that is classically disco. The movement of the music is so enjoyable as it washes the emotions of the track into you. While steeped in disco, the melody has a soaring feeling that brings the positivity and hopeful emotions of the lyrics to life. There are moments of instrumentation later in the track that just fill you with bright happiness.

Tadhg’s vocals have a smooth flow that continues what the melody started and pulls you effortlessly into the single. Through his performance, you get the thrill of overwhelming love and happy emotions that fill you when you fall in love. The backing vocals add an extra hit of fun to the track while bringing more of that retro vibe. Every element of the track is bright and positive while the vocals are so catchy. You are definitely going to feel the urge to shout out about space love with him.

Tadhg fills you with hope and positive vibes through the retro tones of ‘Space Love’. Every aspect of the single lifts your spirits and fills you with the soaring emotions of falling in love. The smoothness of his vocals is a wonderful slide against the disco vibes of the melody while the lyrics are catchy and engaging.

Find out more about Tadhg on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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