Medy Lema – Fresh’n’nu (2021)

With a super catchy sound, Medy Lema has you moving to his groove and feeling better about life through ‘Fresh’n’nu’. While the single dives into the feeling that comes when you meet someone new, there are hidden depths to the track. It is possible to interpret the single in a number of ways with only one thing clear and that is the funky vibes are going to hook you

Mixing funk with RnB and pop, Lema wraps his musical ingenuity around you for a sound you are not going to forget. Drawing on the influence of musical greats including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston, he adds a splash of something that is purely him to the music. Paying tribute to classic funk sounds, the touch of modernity added to the mix makes the single so easy to get lost in.

‘Fresh’n’nu’ fills your ears with funky tones from the first moment. There is an undeniable groove to the melody that filters into your muscles and has them bopping around to the rhythm. If you aren’t hooked to the movement of the melody, I’m not sure if your listening to the same song. The beats bounce against your body while the clapping tones have you shuffling to their flow. As the single progresses, it gets a slightly retro funk flow that is so much fun to listen to. The energy of the track doesn’t let up for a second and is guaranteed to make you feel happy and free.

The vocals add to the vibrant and light feeling of the music. The vocal performance is super catchy and will have you singing along to the chorus before dancing to the verses. The layering of the vocals adds to the bounce of the melody while bringing an extra sprinkle of retro tones. The higher tone of the vocals rests perfectly on the moving melody to enhance the overall catchiness of the track while filling you with the passion Lema has for someone.

Medy Lema has you moving to his funky sound while feeling the bright energy of a first connection with someone in ‘Fresh’n’nu’. The melody doesn’t let up for a second as it fills you with energy and makes you want to bounce around. The vocals are layered and bolster the energetic vibe of the melody while pumping light into your veins.

Find out more about Medy Lema on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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