Megan McRobbie – Electric Eyes (2020)

Megan McRobbie is a young singer-songwriter who also plays the piano, guitar and banjo. Taking influences from a range of sources, she has been making music since her teenage years and played gigs for the charity CALM. She is now ready to amaze listeners with her first release ‘Electric Eyes’.

This pop song is all about trying to hide the extent of your feelings for someone when you know they do not feel the same. To portray the emotion of this situation, a dream-like atmosphere has been created. The topic is one that many people can relate to and executed in a way that those who have never been in the situation can still connect with.

‘Electric Eyes’ uses a gently guitar opening to draw you in before taking a spooky turn. There is a dark tone to the melody that lurks in the background coming in and out of view. Along with this dark tone is a compelling beat that makes you move your head to the melody.

The darkness of the melody is complemented by the extensive use of reverb in the verses. This adds the dreamy quality to the song that gives it a completely different vibe while adding its own creepy notes. The lyrics are highlighted carefully to drive the emotion hidden in the track home. McRobbie’s vocals are light and swing between desolation and loving care. This is an interesting performance that hooks you from the first moment.

Megan McRobbie uses spooky pop melodies and an interesting vocal performance to tell the tale of unrequited love in ‘Electric Eyes’. The song has a darkness lurking through the dreamy atmosphere acting as a juxtaposition to McRobbie’s light vocals.

Find out more about Megan McRobbie on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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