KMODO – When You’re Ready (2020)

Chris Nickolls is the south London musician and producer releasing under the name KMODO. Working with other artists and blending musical styles, he creates emotive tracks. His latest release is ‘When You’re Ready’ with singer Clara Serra.

The pair co-wrote the single and tackle the daily struggles of cultural assimilation. This is done against the backdrop of trying to maintain your own values and self. This strong take on a delicate subject aims for a positive resolution.

‘When You’re Ready’ hits you with an expansive opening that is full of rich synths. The melody has a density to it at the start producing a lush foundation for the song. However, this changes to a more upbeat and lighter note that is almost ethereal in nature. The change in the melody is expertly done to match the lyrics and Serra’s vocals. The synth-driven melody is backed up by a solid pop beat.

Serra’s vocals are powerful and penetrate the dense synths at the start of the song. She is then able to modulate her performance for the catchy chorus and to match the lighter synth tones. Her performance brings everything together while also driving the lyrics along. The lyrics work through the subject matter but don’t use direct language making the song easy to connect to for everyone. Overall, they call for a peaceful resolution of this subject.

KMODO and Clara Serra tackle the struggles of cultural assimilation through echoing instruments, lush synths and powerful vocals in ‘When You’re Ready’. The melody runs through you while the vocals pierce through the often dense synths. However, everything in the track works together to unite as a whole which links wonderfully to the lyrics and subject matter.

Find out more about KMODO on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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