Men Behind the Sun – Wolfman (2020)

Men Behind the Sun are taking us down a deep road with their single ‘Wolfman’. Drawing heavily on the influence of ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole, the single looks at the unease and insecurity of ‘Man’ in modern society. This reflection on the human condition is done to their alternative rock sound.

Michael Kinison (vocals, guitar), Steven Gilligan (guitar), Robin Heath (bass) and Josh Martin (drums, backing vocals), pour their brutal passion into each note. Taking the power of the storm that raged as they recorded, they fill every note and tone with power for an electrifying listening experience. Together with ‘Meadow Well Riots’, this single gives you a taste of what the band has to offer.

‘Wolfman’ hits you with some old-school guitar lines before the pounding rolling drums sweep your feet out from under you. The pace of the melody hits you from the side and has you running in the direction the band wants you to go. There are lighter tones that come later in the track that add an easiness to the melody, but they are overpowered by the pounding guitar lines and drums. There are some great guitar solos in this song that you have to get down to whether you want to or not.

The unease and insecurity of man are brought to the fore with Kinison’s vocals. His performance is engaging and easily gets you lost in the lyrics. There is something about his performance that you can’t help but like. The vibe from the melody melds with his vocals for an upbeat reflection on how modern society affects us.

Men Behind the Sun take a look at the insecurity of humans within modern society with their single ‘Wolfman’. The track uses an engaging rock melody to send you into a reflective state. Kinison’s vocals draw you further into the reflective lyrics.

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