Soheill – Lead Me On (2020)

Influenced by a diversity of culture, musical genres and influences, Iranian singer-songwriter Soheill has shared his emotional sound with listeners since 2018. This singer-songwriter entered the USA at the tender age of seven with his tenacious parents desire for a better life, now the California-based artist expresses his experiences through music. Before he could speak English, Soheill was singing along to The Beatles and Michael Jackson – he may not have understood the words but he felt the melody. This passion for harmonious melodies is what pushed him to pursue his musical career.

Being featured on various notable publications, such as Obscure Sound, Lightning 100 Radio, Indie Band Guru, All Access and Underground Music Collective, Soheill has built a strong following and reputation of engaging music. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Lead Me On’.

Touching on issues of seduction, obsession and addiction, ‘Lead Me On’ explores the consequences of helpless loneliness and surreal relationships. Reminiscent of The Killers and The Strokes, Soheill combines powerful guitar and synths with his dynamic vocals. What I really enjoy in ‘Lead Me On’ is not the impressive guitar riffs and catchy hooks, it is the witty lyricism embellishing the concept of unrequited love.

Sonically, Soheill has achieved a fusion of alternative rock, indie-rock and 80s pop; however, it is the lyricism and emotional vocals that really push the meaning behind ‘Lead Me On’. In a small, quiet way, Soheill projects feelings of rejection, desperation and heartfelt pain without too much effort.

For more from Soheill check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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