Mia Delamar – Cool (2022)

Love can be a turbulent emotion and past relationships can affect the way you determine your value and worth. This is something Mia Delamar considers in her single ‘Cool’. Drawing on the influences of Ariana Grande and Mary J Blige, she melds them into her own clear sound that shines through the contemplations of this single.

Delamar has been singing since her youth with music being a part of her family traditions. After writing her first song at 8, she has been honing her skills allowing her to craft versatile melodies that are wrapped in her unique fusion of soul-pop and RnB. The easy tones of her music shine with her natural talent and passion for what she does.

‘Cool’ brings a soulful wash of shimmering RnB tones to the melody from the first moment. There is a sultry slide to the music that has you swaying to the rhythm and feeling the heat of the sound on your skin. The beats that come in later add this bounce to the melody that drives it forward along the shimmer smoothness of the instrumentation. When the keys enter, they bring a glint of light to the higher levels of the single. It is a wonderful melody that brings the best elements of soul-pop and RnB together to get you bopping while diving head-first into the lyrics.

As the melody shimmers and slides against your senses, Delamar’s dulcet tones sink their hooks into your brain and pull you into the track. The lyrics are an empowering contemplation of past relationships and how they can make you feel bad about yourself. This bad impression of yourself is shoved down by the confidence she infuses into her performance and the understanding that she has moved on to better things. It is a great hit back at people who play with others which leads to the knowledge that you are better without them. There is so much power in her performance that it sends you soaring on the soulful vibes of her performance. This is definitely a single that you want to turn up and blare from your speakers.

Mia Delamar slides into your senses with a wonderful mixture of soul-pop and RnB while empowering you after a breakup in ‘Cool’. The melody is warm and sultry as it draws you into the single with effortless ease. Delamar’s vocals are powerful and passionate building the strength you need to move on from a relationship with confidence.

Find out more about Mia Delamar on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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