Maria Pellicano – You Carry Me (2022)

Maria Pellicano showed us the path of light through trying times with her single ‘Cover Me’. She is continuing her beautiful sound with the emotive and introspective ‘You Carry Me’. Through the single, Pellicano explores the concept that there is something more that can guide us through difficult times, whether this is God or something else that you can connect with.

Reinvigorating and bringing new life to the single, Pellicano fills our senses with the faith and belief that there is something beyond the limits of what we can see or imagine. Filled with the sense of being carried through your toughest hours, the single brings a sense of peace to your soul. If her last powerful single didn’t capture your imagination, this one definitely will.

‘You Carry Me’ lifts your spirits from the first sound of the strummed guitar. There is a bright feeling to the music that floods your chest and erases all the negative emotions resting there. While the acoustic guitar drives the melody, the other instrumentation adds a breezy feeling to the melody, dotting the soundscape with pastel colours and easy vibes. There is no way that you can listen to this melody and not feel the load resting on your shoulders lighten. The delicate drums provide just the right amount of bounce beneath the guitar to take you to new heights. There is a coolness to the air created by the music that is refreshing and offers that lightness that comes when you put your faith in something greater than yourself, regardless of what that might be.

As you ride the light flows of the melody, Pellicano’s vocals cradle your soul in a warm glow. Her voice is a delicate touch on your heart that carefully takes the weight off you and offers it up to something greater. Through the lyrics, she embraces the moment when you feel the weight of the world being carried for you. While there is a gospel edge to the lyrics, there is a wonderful ambiguity as well that allows anyone to connect with the message of the single. Through the single, she brings an appreciation of the help that others and higher powers offer. The harmonising backing vocals add a buoying sweep of air currents that helps you fly on the winds of the music.

Maria Pellicano shows an appreciation for those who help lighten your load and ease your worries, whether they are friends, family or a higher power in ‘You Carry Me’. The acoustic guitar-driven melody is dotted with light instrumentation and a beat that adds the lightest bounce. Her vocals are delicate as they cradle your spirit in a warm glow while showing appreciation for the help others provide.

Find out more about Maria Pellicano on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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