Miami Snow – Electric Charge (2021)

Born from the boredom of Covid-19 lockdowns, Miami Snow is an androgynous duo with a unique sound. Blending elements of 80s synth-pop and modern alternative pop, the UK-based group are a fusion of contemporary and classic. Despite being a rather new band on the music scene, Max Langley and Hillary Steps are already turning heads at RGM, Talk About Pop Music and various online playlists. The debut single from this obscure project is ‘Electric Charge’.

Using art, Miami Snow explores modern society’s obsession with social media and digital personalities. A look at the fragility of people behind the online masks and their emotions – this is where ‘Electric Charge’ comes in. The first of several tracks to be released in the next few months, ‘Electric Charge’ takes you on a story of breakups, ever-changing feelings and core reactions to this type of situation. It’s all about life because Miami Snow is all about life.

Transporting me back to the days of Depeche Mode and Talking Heads, Miami Snow have expertly bottled the 80s pop sound in ‘Electric Charge’. Synth-driven, the track has a rather toe-tapping tone acting as a strong foundation for their evocative lyricism. Yes, there are crescendos here and then to represent the depth of emotion, but these are mostly vocal rises and falls adding a human element. It is this juxtaposition of raw emotion and apathetic melody that intrigues me.

As a new band we are unsure what to expect from Miami Snow, but ‘Electric Charge’ shows they go far beyond the typical “she broke up with me so now I’m sad” concept. The rich vocals have sincerity and genuineness, but the melody seems to be generic. I am not saying this is bad, in fact, it is altogether the opposite of bad. In their own words, ‘Electric Charge’ is “symbolic of the apathy most people feel towards seeing this type of conflict”. They find the balance between experiencing the situation and not caring because it’s happening to someone else. It’s an amazing exposition of dualities existing in a single experience…all about life.

Not a great fan of this genre, I try to veer away from it; however, I am glad I came across Miami Snow. They are a refreshing breath of air in a rather stagnant pop scene. Definitely ones to watch!

For more from Miami Snow check out their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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