Michael Ransom – Good News Comes in Threes (2021)

Moving on from painful experiences is often easier said than done. If you are struggling with this, Michael Ransom is here with the song that will help you leave the past in the past. ‘Good News Comes in Threes’ brings positivity and optimism for the future to our ears through a blending of dream pop and indie rock tones.

Written during lockdown, his single not only introduces his sound but also captures the emotions we all need at times. Recorded in his bedroom, the track offers authenticity and honesty. This helps the message of the single sink into our veins and have us looking forward to a much brighter future.

‘Good News Comes in Threes’ softly enters before the deep beat vibrates and pound through you. The contrast between the lightness of the higher tones and the depth of the beats is amazing and creates a rather immersive listening experience. It also highlights the message of the track with the beats acting as the past that tries to tie you down with the higher tones drawing you to a brighter way of thinking. As the single progresses, this does seem to change as the beats clap in the soundscape and bolster the light energy of the track. It is a masterful arrangement that perfectly helps Ransom capture the emotions of the experience.

The contrasts of the melody are felt through the vocals as well. Through the opening, there is a distant feeling to the slightly distorted vocals. When Ransom’s vocals enter, there is a delicate softness to them like the gentle rays of light streaming through a window. His performance is thoughtful and caresses your senses with the companionable push to move forward. The layering of the backing vocals is wonderful as it brings the feeling of the higher melodics to the vocals and fills your senses with pastel colours. As you listen to the track, you feel the chains tying you down release and your spirits float on clouds of soft positivity.

Michael Ransom gently fills you with peace and a floating sense of positivity through the contrasting and uplifting tones of ‘Good News Comes in Threes’. The contrasts that fill the melody can be felt in the vocals as they draw you out of the past and into the brighter light of the future. Ransom’s vocals are smooth and authentic as he fills you with a light optimism for what the future holds.

Find out more about Michael Ransom on his Instagram and Spotify.

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