Xoe-B – Life in Colour (2021)

There are times when you just need to let go and allow music to move through you. If you are feeling this need, Xoe-B has the single you need to get you moving with ‘Life in Colour’. A true kaleidoscope of funk, disco and pure energy, the single keeps your feet moving while your soul reaches for a sense of emotional freedom.

While groovy and vibrant, the single touches on the journey that you have to take to reach the bursts of colour and happiness that form its foundations. This is something that Xoe-B has gone through herself and the experience lends itself to the power of the single. With a sound that brings a new life to in-your-face pop, she has you grooving to her sound and feeling lighter for the experience.

‘Life n Colour’ has you grooving to the rhythm from the very first second. There is an infectious vibe to the deep bass and twinkling tones that grab your muscles and get them to dance around. You can’t really listen to this melody and not feel the urge to move in some manner whether bopping in your seat or actually dancing. The moving power of the music only gains speed as the single progresses. You can hear the influences of funk and disco but this has been woven into a delightful modern movement that you can easily get into. The pulsing lights and good vibes burst through your senses and have you feeling great as you listen.

While the melody on its own easily gets you moving and feeling good, the vocals take everything to another level. Xoe-B’s vocals build through the first verse and grab your hands to pull you onto the dancefloor. The lyrics touch on the journey that is taken to get to the freedom of the music before shining with the powerful light of pure happiness. Her vocals bring an extra dance vibe to the track that makes the single extremely enjoyable.

Xoe-B has you grooving, dancing and having a great time to the bursting kaleidoscope of funky fun that is ‘Life in Colour’. From the first moment, the single has you moving to the rhythm with the infectious energy only gaining power as the track continues. The vocals bring another dance edge while acknowledging the journey you take to get to the freedom it captures.

Find out more about Xoe-B on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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