Michael Shanks – Creature of the Night (2020)

Most people have something that you know you shouldn’t do that feels good when you do it. ‘Creature of the Night’ by Michael Shanks tells you that it is okay to indulge in your dark side every now and then. Through the song, he lets you know that no one can resist temptation forever, but there will be a need to warn the next person about it.

Joined by Gillian Harwin (bass, backing vocals) and Pedrinho Augusto (drums), Shanks combines modern sounds with the power of late 60s and 70s trios. Drawing on inspiration from Cream and Rush, they throw in some psychedelic rock to create a fun trip through your desires.

Starting with a very funky opening, ‘Creature of the Night’ gets you moving to its beat. There is something energetic about this track that grabs you and makes you smile. While smiling at the creature of the night, you are drawn into her story which is wonderfully laid out. Shank’s vocals combine with Harwin’s to create these harmonisations that do not let up.

The guitar solos in the single lead you to a deep beat that pushes through your chest. The funky melody and vocals will have you singing along to the creature’s story. Lyrically, there is amazing imagery in the track allowing you to picture the subject of the song. The power of the vocals and the infectious tones of the melody make this a song that you can easily listen to on repeat. Once it ends, all you want is to play it again.

Michael Shanks looks at indulging your dark side in the funkiest and most engaging way through ‘Creature of the Night’. The song has you hooked from start to finish as the lyrics tell a tale and the melody pumps through you. If you are looking for a single that you can have fun to at any time, this is the one.

Find out more about Michael Shanks on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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