AnotherMay – AnotherMay (2020)

It’s fascinating how bad situations can make really great songs – I suppose that’s the proverbial silver line. In the case of AnotherMay, it was a failed friendship that triggered the band’s formation. Originally, Eduardo was working with Brett writing songs about the failed friendship mentioned; however, instead of staying between them, it developed into a five-man dream-pop band. Recording synth-laden tracks with guitar, bass and drums in both Spanish and English, AnotherMay takes on cultural division to create good music.

A follow-up to their 2019 EP Sarah’s Room, AnotherMay offers a far dreamier and gentle ambience as compared to its pop-rock predecessor. Moreover, AnotherMay shows a greater conglomeration of Spanish and English songs – a fact that makes AnotherMay exciting and unique. An introspective band focusing on personal experiences, the self-entitled EP tackles issues of failed relationships, dealing with partners mental instability, toxic masculinity, and platonic love.

Beginning with ‘5150’, AnotherMay takes on the progression of conflicting emotions when dealing with a partner who has mental health problems. While a gentle, charming track, the vocals and lyrics demonstrate tension and frustration. Quite a liberating track in a sense, ‘5150’ looks at the distressing emotions being felt with brash and abrupt vocals. In saying he is “leaving soon and hopes that she gets better” AnotherMay show that it is natural to want to remove yourself from challenging situations but still hope for the best.

Moving onto ‘Para Los Hombres’, AnotherMay makes the transition from English to Spanish tracks. As with ‘Los Pinguinos’ I barely understood a single word, but I understand both are quite serious despite their smooth, toe-tapping sound. It is this juxtaposition of cheery pop sounds and sombre lyrics that makes both tracks, particularly ‘Para Los Hombres’, rather intriguing. Then again, I only understand the concepts from the press release. Thank you press release!

AnotherMay establish themselves as a synth-driven dream-pop band in ‘Marigolds’, ‘I Hope You’re Well’, ‘You Can Tell Me’ and ‘Never Let Go’. The instrumental ‘I Hope You’re Well’ is well-positioned on AnotherMay as a “breather” mid-EP and forms a mystic ambience before heading into less wistful tracks.

Overall, I quite enjoy AnotherMay from ‘5150’ to ‘Los Pinguinos’. Passionate and powerful, the band effortlessly demonstrates how to perform simple, upbeat but poignant tracks. What I am looking forward to is more collaborations and a combination of languages in a single song. I hope I see that soon.

For more from AnotherMay, check out their Spotify, Instagram and Twitter.

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