Miguel Rios – Narcissist (2020)

Miguel Rios is getting back to basics with his single ‘Narcissist’. The first release off his upcoming album Slaughterhouse Road, it offers an honest and timeless acoustic sound. Drawing on his childhood experiences, he tries to make sense of the ghosts that haunt him. Some of the whispers in the dark have been transformed into an evocative yet haunting track.

Rios infuses folk and blues sentiments into his music and wraps it around classic songwriting. With stripped back arrangements, the emotions of the music shine through while offers the wonder of a live performance. As an introduction to his album, this single is setting the bar very high and will have you excited for what is to come.

‘Narcissist’ has a progressive acoustic guitar opening that effortlessly draws you into the single. There is a dark depth to the melody that weighs on you in the best way. The guitar line has a timeless sound to it with hints of familiarity but covered in something that is uniquely Rios. The melodic lines that rise from the depths only to sink again adds to the creeping twilight feeling of the melody. The acoustic instrumentation adds a power to the music that is wonderful to listen to.

Rios’ vocals smoothing flow out of the melody with an honest thread woven into it. There is an authenticity that provides an intimacy matching the feeling of the melody. The lyrics are haunting while utterly compelling and you can’t stop listening. You can hear the influence of blues in the lyrics as it swirls around more folk sensibilities.

Miguel Rios uses an acoustic soundscape to take you down a timeless arrangement with intimate and honest vocals in ‘Narcissist’. The melody has a haunting darkness that draws you into the soundscape while his vocals fill you with whispers of the past.

Find out more about Miguel Rios on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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