Linda – My Time (2020)

Linda is combining music with flying sports for her upcoming album. ‘My Time’ is one of the tracks off the album and inspired by Matt Hall, air race world champion. Using a rock soundscape, Linda offers a clean and simple melodic flow moulded by air sports and different aircraft.

A sportive pilot herself, Linda adds instrumentation to her soundscape based on the connect with different aircraft. This creates a unique and diverse basis for her music with each single having a story behind it linked to the aircraft. As Linda provides the vocals, Abel takes on the instrumentation. The pair met online and started sharing ideas which quickly turned into this single and the ones that are to follow.

‘My Time’ gets you into the rock mood with a thrumming guitar opening mixed with some captivating beats. There is a smooth flow to the music that you get swept up in and have to move your body to. When the chorus hits, there are additional melodic lines that enter to add some texture to the music. The stop-start of the music later in the track adds a little something to the movement. There is a very clean arrangement to the music that is heard throughout the track from the verses to the guitar solo.

Linda’s vocals are as captivating as an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. There is a hook in her performance that digs its way into your brain and tugs you further and further into the single. The movement of her performance builds through the verses to the chorus where it is set free to whizz through your senses. This is wonderfully combined with lyrics that are on the edge of poetic as they work through the soaring feelings of speed, adventure and letting loose.

Linda turns a love of flying sports into captivating alternative rock goodness in her single ‘My Time’. The clean arrangement of the melody has you moving from thrumming guitars to soaring solos while her vocals capture the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Find out more about Linda on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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