Mili & Bertie – The Other Side (2021)

Mili & Bertie are bringing an underlying message about mental health and needing to escape the life you have for the one you want in ‘The Other Side’. The expressive and raw sounds of the track are enhanced by the lyrics which could mean something different to every listener. Mixing powerful vocals with warm melodics, the duo offers a relatable thread of consciousness that helps you approach new beginnings.

The pop duo released their first single which was a 50s style pop ballad in 2019. Since then, they have been gigging across the UK and letting people hear their unique sound. While the pandemic threw a spanner in the works, they have spent lockdown performing online through a series of live-streamed gigs.

The rhythmic acoustic guitar has you swaying to the opening of ‘The Other Side’. The movement of the melody has a wonderfully uplifting vibe which pours in the good feelings. While the melody is minimalistic, the notes that warble out across the acoustic guitar make you think of the open road. The strummed guitar has you moving from the start of the track to the very last moment. There are moments of rising emotion in the melody that perfectly matches the lyrics and vocals.

Bertie’s vocals open the single and really set the tone and message of the track. He has an unapologetic vibe to his performance before Mili’s voice comes in to bolster the message he started. The duet brings two sides of the same story as the duo look to leave the life they are in and grab onto something that will make them happier. The movement of their performance is so expressive that you can’t help but ride the emotions they bring. There is also something really relatable to the track as many people have felt the emotions woven into the song at some point, particularly with everything that has happened in the last year.

Mili & Berti have you reaching for happiness and leaving the things that drag you down in ‘The Other Side’. With a rush of good vibes in the melody, the single has you swaying to the rhythm of the acoustic guitar. The vocals offer two sides of a story in an expressive ride.

Find out more about Mili & Bertie on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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