Jane N’ The Jungle – Trouble (2021)

Melding the sounds of Soundgarden, Arcade Fire and Creed, Jane N’ The Jungle walks the line between alternative rock, melodic metal and old-school rock ‘n’ roll. Led by 2021’s answer to Pat Benatar, vocalist Jordan White adds a forceful quality to the already powerful sound of guitarist Brain Dellis and bassist Bryan Dague. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the US-based trio are dynamic, daring and devastatingly awesome.

Technically formed in 2013 when Dellis and White began writing songs together – songs that led to the official formation of Jane N’ The Jungle. In 2018 the line-up was completed with the arrival of Dague and it was only uphill from there. Featured on Alternative Press, Loud Women, The Hype Magazine, Women That Rock, Music Existence, Buzz Music and various Spotify playlists, the trio are reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Trouble’.

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed singles ‘Lucky 7’ and ‘Animal’, ‘Trouble’ is a hard-hitting track with high-powered melodies and charming vocals. Adhering to their heavy alternative rock sound, Jane N’ The Jungle nod to rock groups of the 90s including Three Days Grace, Creed and POD. Yet, while there is an old-school rock-influenced sound the trio brings a contemporary style in the soul-stirring melody.

Combining pounding drums with screeching guitars, one would assume ‘Trouble’ to be a blur of music captivating you in the kaleidoscopic whirlwind; however, there is a harmonic element to the flowing sound. Add White’s soaring vocals to the mix and you have a robust grittiness to the insightful single. Touching on elements of personal relationships, inner turmoil and misapprehension, ‘Trouble’ uses poetic lyricism to explore the fragility of the human spirit. It is this gritty fragility that merges exquisitely with the melancholic sentimentality. Beguiling and mind-bending, Jane N’ The Jungle exude a sensual forcefulness in ‘Trouble’ sending chills down your spine and leaving you gasping for breath. I love it!

“‘Trouble’ exemplifies the influence of other people’s perception of you that attracts trouble based on false assumptions of your own personal traits and past experiences. We wanted to write a song that embodied our live performance energy and rock ‘n’ roll vibe and to give listeners a record with our passion and excitement that we have in our show performances.” – Jordan White on ‘Trouble’

In addition to the single, Jane N’ The Jungle released an official music video for ‘Trouble’. I was unable to view the majority of the video because of the strobe effects – in fact, I barely viewed anything; however, we are placing the video below for your viewing pleasure. Please note there is extensive use of strobes and can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Watch at your own discretion.


For more from Jane N’ The Jungle check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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