Mirias – Don’t Look Back (2021)

While she is the lead singer of two rock bands, Belgian artist Mirias decided to embrace a solo project in 2021. As one can imagine, there is not much to her solo discography with only two songs over the past few months, but this does not mean her music is not noteworthy. Featured on Edgar Allen Poets, Luminous Dash and several playlists, Mirias is slowly turning people’s heads. Using melancholic lyricism over haunting melodies, the songstress can hypnotise you with her music. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Don’t Look Back’.

More rock-influenced than her debut single ‘Rush’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ blends indie-rock with alt-rock and an undertone of pop. Combining dynamic guitars with pounding drums, there is a heavier sound to the hard-hitting track. Yet, while the song has a “rock depth”, it is tinged with heartfelt twinges of a pop ballad. It is impossible for me to compare the sound as Mirias is entirely original, but fans of Evanescence and Christina Perri may enjoy her music.

Aptly titled ‘Don’t Look Back’, this sophomore single is inspired by the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. If you need an update on this mythological story, here’s a brief description: Orpheus loved Eurydice, Eurydice died, Orpheus went to Hades to have Eurydice revived and Hades said Eurydice would follow him in his ascent out of the underworld but he could not look back before they reached the mortal realm – Orpheus looks and Eurydice returns to Hades forever. So, you can understand why Mirias is begging one to not look back.

Without Mirias’ vocals, the melody would prompt sadness but her dulcet tones enhance a sense of poignancy. The obscure roughness showcases the pain and desperation behind Orpheus with Eurydice begging him not to turn around. A truly enchanting track with an ethereal ambience, ‘Don’t Look Back’ teeters on the cusp of innocent naivety and mature reflection. I can’t wait for more from this Belgian singer.

For more from Mirias check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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