HSTR – Break Me (2021)

Born in Zimbabwe but raised in The Netherlands, HSTR incorporates her diverse upbringing into her music. Eager to shares stories and “open the picture book”, the 24-year-old songstress narrates melancholic and bittersweet sentiments. While she only has a few singles to her name, HSTR has featured on Rising Artists Blog, YMX, Fruit Sonic and several online radio stations/playlists. Having worked with some of the best industry professionals, including Bronson Bush, Karl Adams, Ellis Newman, Femke Reynolds and Pieter de Wagter, HSTR is making a name for herself on a local and international scale. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Break Me’.

Beginning her solo project in 2021, HSTR is still a newbie on the scene but she has a voice you will never forget. Following her upbeat single ‘Time & I’, ‘Break Me’ is a melancholic ballad with an underlying sassiness. Acoustic-inspired, there is a strong guitar presence with a barebones country music design. While there is an impressive guitar solo with catchy hooks, HSTR shows that you do not need bells and whistles to impress an audience.

An interesting arrangement, ‘Break Me’ is a superbly layered and textured song. The incorporation of steady drums and well-placed crescendos ensure the listener feels the raw emotion in the track. Of course, HSTR’s heartfelt vocals increase the sentimentality of the tune, but it is the lyricism that truly denotes the depth of her work.

Most of HSTR’s songs focus on coming-of-age experiences, but ‘Break Me’ explores the frustration, fear and ecstasy of romantic relationships. HSTR shares that ‘Break Me’ is “about that one person that gets you so high that you know the downfall is coming and it’s going to be painful.” The carefully arranged instrumentation is complemented by her husky vocals to increase suspense, anxiety and anticipation.

Not one for country music, I was a little wary of reviewing ‘Break Me’ when I had no reason to be. HSTR has made me a believer in country music and I cannot wait to hear what is next from this talented young lady.

For more from HSTR check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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