Mirjam Catal – All I Wish (2020)

Mirjam Catal is avoiding the shopping frenzy and glamourous Christmas kitsch for her festive single ‘All I Wish’. Instead of the glitz of the festive season, the single looks to bask in the simplicity of thinking about loved ones and one’s self. The modest track is packed with tender melodies and emotions. The almost fragile honesty offers a gentle thoughtfulness that many people forget about during this time of the year.

The special mixture of elements for this song is a collaboration between Catal and her older brother YKO. Together, they have avoided Christmas cliches and creates a modern festive track that tugs at the heartstrings. If the single does not have you relaxing into the simplicity of everything, the beautiful music video will.

‘All I Wish’ creates the tender and emotional soundscape from the first piano note. The delicate piano line rests lightly on the contemporary pop beats that form the lower levels of the melody. The flow of the music brings a sense of simplicity while making you think about the cool nip of the winter air. The intertwined tones create an intimate melody that wraps around your shoulders and rests like a cosy blanket.

As the melody sets the tender scene, Catal’s vocals infuse it with more emotion. Her vocals are a light and breezy touch on your ears. She easily draws you into the story of the track which is steeping in nostalgia. While thinking back on what used to be and how things will never be the same, she fills you with a sense that things will be okay even if they are different. This is a message that many people need right now.

The music video for the single drives the simple messaging of the track home. Throughout the video, you see Catal playing the piano and singing. This is cut by scenes of her outside and singing. It is a relatively simple video that has a wonderful emotional thread to the visuals. While simple, there is a tender beauty to the visuals that help you connect with the emotions of the track.

Mirjam Catal turns away from Christmas kitsch for her tender and emotional festive track ‘All I Wish’. Through a gentle soundscape, she fills you with emotions and a sense of nostalgia. Her thoughtful vocals have you thinking about loved ones while considering that everything can be okay even if they are no longer as they were in the past.

Find out more about Mirjam Catal on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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