Treasvre – Believe Me/Outside (2020)

Working in a music genre that bears the loose name post-rock can be quite tricky sometimes. Most audiences see (hear) it as an instrumental genre only that covers quite a few elements. From ambient and drone to cinematic or post-classical sounds. But, why not stretch it a little bit further and add lead vocals and even some elements of heavy rock with darker shades and hues? That could possibly be the idea that the San Francisco area quintet Treasvre (Sabrina Simonton, Samantha Peña, Julian Balestrieri, Evan Dulaney and Jason Zaru) had when they started shaping their sound. That is exactly the sound they are trying to convey on their latest double single/EP ‘Believe Me/Outside’.

‘Believe Me’ goes for the heavier, darker side of their sound with some riffing guitars that veer from heavy to shoegaze with vocalists Sabrina Simonton and Samantha Peña driving the sound confidently home. Synth embellishments give the song that cinematic touch often associated with post-rock.

‘Outside’ is a bit more subdued affair working more in the direction pioneered by the likes of The Cure and This Mortal Coil with dual vocals and interspersing burst of sound. Dark and brooding, not unlike the atmosphere permeating these darker times. Treasvre are trying to defy borders among genres in music, and they seem to be on the right track with it.

For more from Treasvre check out their official website and Facebook.

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