Miss Torsion – Love Parasite (2021)

Love is an emotion that we have all felt at some point whether romantic, platonic or familial. Miss Torsion has taken this commonly felt emotion and turned it into something much more with her single ‘Love Parasite’. Through the single, she explores the idea that love is a living entity, a crazy creature that has its own agenda and plans. This insane creature then uses us like a parasite uses a host.

An extremely interesting take on love, the single has you wondering if you surrender to the parasite or run. This single is another step in Miss Torsion expressing herself and unleashing her thoughts into the world through music. Using this solo project as a way to push the boundaries outside her band Lowest Fi, she brings alternative rock to gothic structures topped with post-punk and ska influences.

‘Love Parasite’ grabs your attention with some gothic rock beats that create a really ominous feeling to the single. The guitars creep up your spine adding to the tension of the gothic beats. The pulse of rock guitars that lead you to the chorus pushes at your back before everything swings. The chorus has this really great bounce to it that has you bopping from side to side. This drops when the verses take over again and you are thrown back into the gothic tones. While it feels like the arrangement of the melody will repeat, there is a turn to a reaching guitar line. Beneath the reaching line is a post-punk pulse that gives way to deep vibrating notes that really shake up your insides.

As the melody builds tension through the gothic beats, Miss Torsion’s vocals creep across your skin. Through the verses, she brings a feeling of inevitability to the reach of the love parasite as it starts to burrow its way into your soul. When the chorus hits, her voice gains the same bounce as the melody as she gives in to the love parasite. The second verse captures the feeling of being under the parasite’s spell and how your senses are overtaken. The inevitability reaches a fever pitch before the guitars reach out. When these melodic tones drop, her performance gains a heavier darkness that swirls like smoke around you.

Miss Torsion uses a gothic push to creep into your sense and fill you with your inevitable capitulation to a certain emotion in ‘Love Parasite’. The melody is packed with dynamic swings of sound that all carry a creeping eeriness even as they urge you to bop to their rhythm. Her vocal performance brings the inevitability of giving in to the love parasite.

Find out more about Miss Torsion on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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