Pini Gurfil – Reborn (2022)

Through his second release ‘Reborn’, Pini Gurfil continues his exploration of emotions with a touch of existentialism. Focusing on hope and transformation, this single is a post-divorce song that looks at embracing the memories of a love that is gone forever, while marching forward and healing. With powerful lyrics, he contemplates the pain of standing still and the struggles you face while trying to move forward.

Writing in both English and Hebrew, Gurfil draws on inspiration from real life and his occupation as a space engineering professor. Blending classic music, jazz and progressive rock, he brings a new sound to our ears that swirls with melodic melancholy. His lyrics use subtle subtext to encompass solitude, relationships and the struggles of life.

‘Reborn’ has an old-school jazz vibe from the first moment. The jazzy shuffle of the drums and piano is decadent while making you want to sway to their rhythm. The double bass plucks deeply against the piano and leads you to the clicking tones that make up the chorus. The piano line that follows the chorus is a pleasure to listen to. You can easily imagine this song being played at a jazz bar, while people watch Gurfil sing, and tap their feet to the music. The smooth flow of the music is a pleasure to listen to while the vocals slide against your ears. The guitar riff that comes in later leads you into another piano interlude that just effortlessly puts a smile on your face. Each instrument has a chance to shine while adding to the really luxurious slide of the melody.

It is not only the jazzy melody that brings the old-school vibes to the single as Gurfil’s vocals crone against the movement. There is a light rasp to his vocals that makes his performances enthralling. Through the lyrics, he tells the story of a relationship breaking down and ending. The chorus brings a hopeful feeling to the track as he embraces the idea of rebirth following heartbreak. Gurfil has this wonderful ability to bring sad emotions to life only to turn them into something good and uplifting. This is done to an extremely engaging sound that you can’t really get enough of whether you are a fan of jazz or not.

Pini Gurfil fills the soundscape with old-school jazz vibes and the slight rasp of his crooning vocals for the emotional exploration of ‘Reborn’. The melody is something straight out of a jazz club that gets you tapping and swaying to the rhythm. His vocals are a rich croon over the music as he brings the emotions of the single to life.

Find out more about Pini Gurfil on his Instagram and Spotify.

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