Modern Guilt – Joy Control (2022)

With their debut EP, You’re Welcome, Modern Guilt let us know that they could top the infectious vibes of their single release ‘Get Along’. The band is now kicking off 2022 with their single ‘Joy Control’ which delves into watching someone choose to not become who you thought they would be. Through the lyrics, the band touches on some of the reasons for this while hitting you with the emotions this can invoke.

Continuing to push the boundaries of genre, they bring the sounds of Motown to some new wave sensibilities for this release. After cementing their play with their EP, the band is really taking the next strides into our hearts with this track. Colourful and packed with style, the single will have you delving back into their previous releases and eager for more.

The guitar and drums that open ‘Joy Control’ have your head bopping to the sound while your shoulders shimmy to the rhythm. There is a retro touch to the melody that brings a wash of new wave nostalgia. The verses have a steady feeling to them as the guitar and drum lead you further into the sound. There is a bright change of tone in the chorus that lights up the soundscape. The jangle of the music is really infectious while airy and super easy to listen to. The further you travel into the single, the more hooked you become to the music so that the later bright trills through your senses sending delightful shivers across your skin.

While the music sweeps you into its nostalgic flow, the vocals add to this with a new wave and soul-rock vibes. As the vintage edge of the vocals tugs at the edges of your brain, the lyrics fill you with the story of the track. The band lay out the image of someone who could do anything they wanted only to give it all up. There is an interesting feeling to the performance that offers a touch of confusion over the choices they made and a light touch of frustration. Through all of this, the vocals inject an infectious thread into the track that makes you want to sing along with the chorus.

Modern Guilt hits you with a wash of new wave nostalgia through the retro tones of ‘Joy Control’ as they bring confusion and frustration to the single. The melody brings the initial hit of nostalgia that turns into a bright light on the chorus. The vocals offer the final retro hit while bringing the emotions of the track to life.

Find out more about Modern Guilt on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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