Mia Mormino – Alternate Reality (2022)

From the powerful tones of ‘Showtime’ to the modern jazz-inspired touch of ‘Stick-Up’, Mia Mormino shows that she has a lot to offer, while bypassing genre classification. This continues with her single ‘Alternate Reality’ which brings a high-octane electronic pop energy. An unapologetic single, it describes a tendency many have to disassociate when things get tough.

Through the single, she considers how when life gets hard, many people retreat into alternative realities to cope. With a fierce tone, she brings incredible visuals to life while channelling the inner beast we all have. If you ever feel like life is getting too hard and you need to escape for a moment, this is the single you should be listening to.

‘Alternate Reality’ grabs your attention with an opening that makes you think you have entered the song partway through. This drops for the rich electronic tones of the main melodic line that sinks a hook into your chest and yanks you further into the single. While there is a wash of electronic tones in this main melodic line, there is a base of organic tones that creates a lush foundation for the track. The pulse of electronic tones really hits you upside the head when the chorus hits. There is a deep drone of bass that shakes up your insides, that leads you to the string tones of the verse. It is a really intense movement that you easily sink into as the richness sucks you into the sound.

The richness of the melody is enhanced by the silken smoothness of Mormino’s vocals. Her voice is velveteen as it slides across your senses and rides the waves of the music. The richness through the verses leads to a punch of attitude on the chorus. The chorus is packed with an empowering energy that is unapologetic about how you feel when you are in your alternate reality. This is the perfect pick up after the verses that consider the pressures and problems of reality. While the energy of her performance moves from smooth to attitude-packed, there is a power resting in the words that you can’t deny.

Mia Mormino fills ‘Alternate Reality’ with attitude and an unapologetic escape from the pressures of the modern world. The melody has a rich melodic line that hooks you to the electronic yet organic tones. Her vocal performance is powerful as it slides across the verses, to pack a serious attitude punch on the chorus.

Find out more about Mia Mormino on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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