Molly Green – Hands on My Body (2021)

Through the hot neo-soul tones of ‘Hands on My Body’, Molly Green continues to stake her claim to shimmering tones and layered melodies. Soaked in the haze of a hot summer day, the single is playful and suggestive in equal measure. Focusing on a relationship with an expiry date, the intimate feeling of the single combines with moments of mischief for an infectious listening experience.

Through her music, Green showcases her vocal dexterity ingraining her performance into your brain. A graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, she has already graced stages that many artists dream of including Glastonbury, Liverpool Sound City and Boomtown. With this single, she lets listeners know what she is about and gets you rather excited for her coming debut studio EP.

The shimmering tones that are becoming a signature for Green open ‘Hands on My Body’. There is a glittering sweep of tones that twinkle and glint off the waters of your senses. This puts you into a wonderfully easy vibe that makes you think of hot summer days spent by the water. The light colours of the single bring a playful edge to the relaxed vibes. There is a delightful merging of sultry neo-soul and RnB that hook you to the sound of the melody. Throughout the single, there are rises of instrumentation that adds to the texture and velveteen movement of the track.

As you are pulled under the warm rays of the melody, Green’s vocals slink into your chest and sink her hooks in. The sultry feeling of the melody is enhanced by her performance as she beckons you to her side and covers you in seductive tones. You can feel the warm ember of passion in her performance that only comes with a summer fling. There are times when her voice rises before sinking back to the sultry tones. This is a wonderful exhibition of the dexterity and versatility of her voice.

Molly Green covers you in seductive tones and the warm embers of passion in ‘Hands on My Body’. The single is a wash of shimmering neo-soul that accentuates the versatility and power of her vocals. As she beckons you closer, Green fills you with the passion of a summer fling.

Find out more about Molly Green on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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