Allegra – Used to Miss You (2021)

After her impassioned anthem of defiance that was ‘Do What I Want’, Allegra is back with a serious hit of self-empowerment. ‘Used to Miss You’ sees her really stepping into her own and owning the fun-filled sound of her musical anthems. Written during the first lockdown, the single looks at letting go of the toxic people of your past and looking forward to a brighter future.

Packed with everything that makes her music so infectious, Allegra bounces your senses along house beats before hitting you with her sassy vocal performance. With her last single being a hit and landing her on the cover of Rollercoaster, this one is sure to continue her upward trajectory. Offering a serious confidence boost, its themes of empowerment and self-assurance are ones that we all need a bit of right now.

‘Used to Miss You’ opens with a hit of dance style vocals that really grab your attention. There is a youthful energy to the opening that gives way to her bright vocals. Her performance has a vocal dance edge to it that mixed with the electronic pop sensibilities of the melody. As you bounce toward the chorus, you are propelled into the serious dance vibes by the beats. There is an infectious feeling to the melody that makes you want to dance around to the single. As the song progresses, the deep house beats thump through your chest while the pop instrumentation adds a melodic flow that turns into the pulsing bright lights of the dance floor.

While the vocals have a serious dance edge, Allegra adds a smirk to her performance. There is a heavy hit of sass and wit within her performance that puts a smile on your face. Through the lyrics, you are able to let go of those people who drag you down. As the song progresses, she infuses more and more empowerment into your veins. By the end of the track, you are full of strength and shaking your head at how you let these toxic people be part of your life.

Allegra fills you with strength and empowerment while putting a smile on your face with smirking vocals in ‘Used to Miss You’. The melody has you bouncing around and needing to move to the beats as the bright lights of the song zip through you. Her vocals have a sassy flow as she adds a smirk to her performance while lifting you up and getting rid of toxic people in your life.

Find out more about Allegra on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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