Track of the Day: Molosser – Dive In

Having performed in various bands for several years, Tess and Jahn found themselves forming the intimate Swedish duo Molosser. Finding each other in the lively music scene of Gothenburg, the pair came together and soon moved to a farm in the province of Smaland. So what, I hear you ask? Well, this diversity in surroundings influenced their “electrically vibrant soundscape” – a bringing together of rural and urban, so to say.

While they have been playing together for some time, Molosser began releasing music in 2021 (or at least that’s what I found on Spotify). Relatively new on streaming sites, one would assume they would be quite shy; however, being shy is not something in Molosser’s character. Featured on Jammerzine, Roadie Music, Mango Wave, Less Than 1000 Followers, Roadie Metal, Rising Artists Blog and Edgar Allan Poets, the pair are definitely reaching individuals on an international scale. One of the latest singles to their discography is ‘Dive In’.

One of the tracks from Molosser’s debut album Appear, ‘Dive In’ brings darkness to a post-punk meets folk design. Combining acoustic guitars to form a gothic soundscape, the pair have a unique and distinctively gloomy sound. No, the sound is not a mundane gloomy but more an absence of cheer in the tune. This doesn’t mean it is completely melancholic or depressing but there is certainly a “Nick Cave meets Amanda Palmer” influence. Yet, while the dark melody is hypnotic in its gothic-ness, the lyricism and vocals showcase the true depth of content.

Reminiscent of Amanda Palmer, Tess’ voice has throaty obscurity that melds perfectly with the melody. Melancholic and sentimental, the poignancy of the track is represented by elegant poetry (both sonically and lyrically). What I find most appealing is the simplicity of ‘Dive In’. Instead of throwing a ton of bells and whistles on the melody, the simplistic acoustic guitars demonstrate the beauty of a barebones design. The haunting vocals also contribute to this dark beauty.

In addition to their single, Molosser released an official music video for ‘Dive In’. I was unable to view the video in its entirety but what I did gather is the duo performing in a cave. The colouring seemed to match the mellow effect of the song, so it is a visual element to ‘Dive In’. Note: this video uses lighting effects and image transitions that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

For more from Molosser check out their official website, Facebook and Spotify.

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