Gyats0 – Joy (2021)

Gyats0 is pushing boundaries with his single ‘Joy’ as he merges shoegaze, grunge and pop. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays every instrument on the track while creating engaging music that edges out of the usual comfort zones. Taken from his album Exoskeleton, you can feel through the single that he is finding his feet and slotting into place within his music.

His sound and this musical project have been a while in the making having started while in school. Over time, his sound has evolved as has his determination to create striking pop music that everyone is able to enjoy. His enhancing of musical conventions has landed him on the stage at Carter Lake Festival and The Analog.

‘Joy’ slowly builds with the light tones of the guitar pulling you in while glinting higher tones twinkle. There is a hazy feeling to the melody that has you floating in the soundscape. The guitar strums delicately against your ears and soothes something in your soul. This swings for a leap into the soundscape as you fly through the clouds of the melody. There is something wonderfully freeing about the melody that has you riding good vibes. The rise and fall of the music takes you soaring only to set you calmly down for the grounded tones of the guitar.

His vocals match the rise and fall of the music to create a really engaging single. Through the verses, his performance has a soft and tender feeling like a whispered conversation. As the music swings for the chorus, his voice calls out with the soaring feeling of the melody. While the music is rather chilled and relaxing, the lyrics have a sadder edge to them. The vocals bring the sadder only to sweep into something softer and easier. It is an interesting movement that wonderfully pushes emotional boundaries.

Gyats0 finds his musical feel with the intriguing arrangement and gliding tones of ‘Joy’. The melody rises and falls to take you soaring only to ground you on the verses. The vocals move with the music while the lyrics bring a sadness that is a little at odds with the gentle movement.

Find out more about Gyats0 on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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