Monica Aben – Kids in L.A. (2021)

As we get older, the importance of close friends becomes more apparent. Looking back on the best of times spent with friends, Monica Aben has you smiling at the nostalgia of ‘Kids in L.A.’. While throwing listeners back in time to childhood memories, she also acknowledges that we stay friends with people through shared experiences even as we get older and life moves on.

Written on her childhood piano, the single is a tribute to the friends she grew up with and the fond memories they share. While music has been a staple of these memories, Aben only dipped into the music industry at 18 when she released her debut album. Since then, she has been fearlessly creating music that expresses her feelings and thoughts of life in a genuine and honest way.

‘Kids in L.A.’ brings a youthful wash of nostalgia to your ears from the first piano note. The light flow of the piano line tickles your brain while pulling you back in time to memories of childhood. The tenderness of the melody bursts on the chorus for a soaring blast of sound before dipping back to days spent with friends. Through the melody, you are able to sink into memories of the past without any effort and feel an uplifting happy vibe flow through you.

The gentle flow of the melody helps to bolster Aben’s vocals that pull you into memories many of us share. The vocals have a sentimental edge to them before they burst with an appreciation of those around us. As you work through the song, you are taken on a journey of youth share with friends from teenage days to college and further into the future. While nostalgic, there is an uplifting feeling to the track that makes you grateful for the life-long friends you have. Later in the single, there is a drop in the energy of the vocals for a soft consideration which brings the emotions of the track home.

The accompanying music video brings the nostalgia and move to the future of the track to wonderful visuals. The video has Aben in her childhood bedroom singing to the camera interspersed with videos snippets of fun with friends and family. The youthful energy of the single is wonderfully condensed into the video and you can’t help but smile as you watch. It is a really fun music video to watch that bring sophistication to home videos and kids having fun.

Monica Aben has you thinking about childhood friends with a smile on your face while filling you with youthful energy in ‘Kid in L.A.’. The melody has an easy and sentimental flow that captures your senses before bursting with youthful energy. Aben’s vocals are clear and bright as she dips into memories for an uplifting and warm reflection on friendship and growing up.

Find out more about Monica Aben on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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