for KING & COUNTRY – Relate (2021)

While many people focus on the things that divide us, there is just as much, if not more, that unites us. This is what for KING & COUNTRY weave into their impassioned plea ‘Relate’ that focuses on the shared human experiences we all go through. Through the single, the band calls for an ongoing search for empathy and compassion to lead the world into a brighter and better future.

This calling search comes from brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone who have already won four Grammy awards over the years. The platinum-selling act has performed for sold-out crowds across the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. A well respected and decorated duo, they will get you hooked to their sound whether you have heard them before or not.

‘Relate’ rises into a deep beat that pounds against your ears and twines around the lighter tones of the melody. There is a delightful movement to the music that has you swaying to the rhythm. As the single continues, there is an almost drone pulse to the beat that gets your heart rate up. It is an extremely interesting melody that brings so many little elements together for a solid flow that hooks into your brain and will not let go. The movement from light and almost floating to the deep drones and bursts of vibrant colours are masterfully handled. It is really one of those melodies that keep you engaged without you realising what has happened to you.

While the melody is stunning, it is really the vocals and the message they bring that really shine. Against the deep beat, the vocals line is bright and clear like the sun breaking through storm clouds. The lyrics bring the darkest moments of life to the fore and swirl with the negative thoughts we have all felt. This moves to the chorus that considers how we don’t know what others have gone through but there are certain experiences that are universal and allow us to relate to each other. The harmonising adds depth to the track while lifting you from the darkness and leading you to the light. The message of the track hits you like a sledgehammer to the chest and makes you really consider how you can relate to others.

Through the tones of ‘Relate’, for KING & COUNTRY have you considering how similar we all are and how this can lead us to a brighter future. The melody moves from darkness to light taking you with it while hooking you to the sound of the duo. The vocals shine like the sun after a storm and fill you with empathy, compassion and the shared experiences of humanity.

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