Monique Barry – Time (2022)

Through the ghostly flairs, breathy sighs and inventive modernism of ‘Time’, Monique Barry explores loss and connection. The latest single from the risk-taking singer-songwriter, the track is a spellbinding balance of sonic elements that draw you through a layered soundscape. Drawing on the saying from Tennessee Williams that time is the longest distance between two places, she journeys through life with an innovative musical flair.

The latest release in a string of singles, this track is the next step toward her complete album HAAK. With a sound that seems well ahead of her time, the versatility and diversity of her music showcase the scope of her creativity. Her individualistic style moves from experimental to traditional and back swirling into a caress that is purely Monique Barry.

‘Time’ gains your attention with the layering of ghostly piano notes and breathy sighs. There is an ethereal feeling to the opening movement that toes the line of slightly eerie. The gentle flow of the piano carefully pulls you into the current of the melody. It is an irresistible movement that has you closing your eyes to give into the lapping of the piano line. As the single progresses, the layering of the melody increases only to gain a grounded touch through the beats. It is a delicate melody that is wonderfully rich in its movement and effortlessly draws you into the journey of the single. Through the music, you can feel the movement between points whether they are physical or metaphorical.

The breathy sighs of the opening meet a light hum of vocals that leads you to Barry’s dulcet tones. Her performance picks up the softness of the music and has you relaxing back into the delicate touch of her voice. The lightness and softness of her performance enhance the poetry of the lyrics that balance loss and connections. There is a wonderful contemplation of time and its healing power in the lyrics that is really easy to connect with. The combination of the vocals and melody is amazing as it brings the soft touch of lapping waves to a modernity that underlines the more classic tones woven into the single.

Monique Barry takes us on a delicate, soft and innovative journey through loss, connection, time and healing in the layered sound of ‘Time’. The melody is soft and has you relaxing back into its plush cushioning. Barry’s vocals are sparkling in their clarity as she draws you into the poetic contemplations of the lyrics.

Find out more about Monique Barry on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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