5on5 – Don’t Dance (2022)

5on5 is bringing a cheeky mixture of melodic elements and styles to our ears with their single ‘Don’t Dance’. The soothing and cosy tones carry undeniable energy that gets you dancing to its rhythm. An absolute earworm, the single is one that you won’t mind hearing everywhere as it chases away the gloom that many of us feel.

The single gets you hooked with some electronic pop tones before a melodic rap slides its way between the musical lines. Adding in some other surprising elements, 5on5 keeps you guessing while having an absolute blast. If you need to chase away the winter chill and head into the next season with a dancing lift to your step, this is the song you need to hear.

‘Don’t Dance’ shimmers into life with a layer of electronic tones. There is an easy flow to the music through the opening verse that leads you to the bopping beats of the chorus. Those easy electronic tones remain throughout the single to create this tender hovering layer of sound. Beneath it, the beats start to pound against your chest while the swinging groove of the dancing tones fills your muscles with energy. This is a steady build-up of energy that makes you want to move and dance to the music. There is a touch of nostalgia to the melody but this is washed away by the more modern movements of the music.

As you are swept up into the movement of the music, the vocals enter with a smooth flow. There is a rich texture to the performance that has you shuffling around to them. The smooth flow is enhanced by the backing vocals on the chorus. This takes you to the melodic rap in the second verse which comes through in different lines that enhances the moving vibes of the track. The performance is a delightfully fresh take that fuses smooth pop tones with artful rap. As the single progresses, the vocals get an electronic tinge to them as they pulse with some serious dance energy. The croaking electronic vocals contrast the smooth flow of the organic vocals to bolster the vibe of the track.

5on5 have you moving to their groove as they chase away the winter blues with the mixed tones and styles of ‘Don’t Dance’. The electronic tones of the melody float over danceable beats that get you moving to the sound. As you move, the vocals take you from smooth grooves to melodic rap and croaking electronics.

Find out more about 5on5 on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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