Class Vee – Love Resides (2022)

With her single ‘Love Resides’, Class Vee is bringing a unique combination of melodic elements to our ears. Riding on a nostalgic vibe, she sprinkles electronica over a foundation of indie RnB and pop. Woven into this mixture of sound are deep lyrics that make you want to dig into what they have to tell you.

The unique blend of this single is a taste of what Class Vee’s musicality has on offer and draws on sounds that she loves. After starting her career as the lead vocalist and songwriter for Tampa band Soltrio, she started her solo work after the band broke up. With growing confidence fuelled by the great reception of her previous releases, she is evolving and becoming more comfortable in her sound.

‘Love Resides’ pulses with the shooting lights of electronica in the opening. These lights have a slightly nostalgic feeling to them as they blast their light over the richer lower levels. Beneath the electronic tones is a smooth and rich RnB flow that borders on ambient and lo-fi. As the drums come in, they push you forward, creating some momentum for the lower tones of the melody. Through the music, you can feel the blend of sounds and influences that come together for a really unique movement. There are times when the melody has a rather laid-back and easy feeling before you are pushed forward into a bopping beat. The dynamics of the arrangement are wonderful and perfectly play the best elements of different genres and styles against each other.

It is not just the melody that brings a blend of styles to the single, as Class Vee’s vocals bring a smooth and rich tone to a rolling pop flow. You can hear the soulful edge of RnB to her performance as her voice flows through the ups and downs of the more pop delivery. The interplay of the vocals and melodics meets the emotions of the lyrics perfectly as they offer a tale of the ups and downs of being in love. Through the lyrics, Class Vee brings the bliss of being in love to the moments that make you question whether staying in the relationship is the right thing.

Class Vee fuses blasts of electronic light with smooth RnB and bouncing pop movements for the unique sound of ‘Love Resides’. The melody draws you in with the electronica tones, before the smooth undertones rise for an indie RnB and pop fusion. Her vocals carry a rich power in them as they bring the emotions of the lyrics to life.

Find out more about Class Vee on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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