Morgalily – Crossfire (2020)

Morgan Wright is the voice behind Morgalily, a solo indie music project. Wright started writing songs in college and released ‘Peppermint Gold’ in 2019. Using her own experiences and perspectives, she creates emotional and relatable music.

Her latest release ‘Crossfire’ is based on a true story of getting caught in the middle of a gunfight. The terrifying experience is laid out in the song through clever lyrics and sombre undertones. The combination creates an amazing sad but captivating vibe.

The start of ‘Crossfire’ has a very indie-pop feel to it that sets a false sense of the track. Morgalily’s warm vocals smoothly enter and turn the track on a darker path. The melody of the track loses some of the pop vibe becoming more sombre. As the tone changes, the song retains the ability to captivate you and keeps you hooked.

While the melody keeps you hooked, the lyrics are what you really focus on. The story behind the track is cleverly laid on in the lyrics that put you in Wright’s position. The dark lyrics also offer some hope as you learn how sometimes beautiful things can come from the darkest of experiences.

Morgalily is able to create a dark summer vibe with the overwhelmingly captivating ‘Crossfire’. The track has a sombre undertone with clever lyrics telling a story. There is also a hint of hope throughout the track that something good can come from a terrible experience.

Find out more about Morgalily on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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