Motel Midnight – Closer (2020)

There seem to be so many elements in life that are pulling us in different directions. While this occurs, you might feel the need to hold someone close to help weather the storm. This is the basis of ‘Closer’, the debut single by Motel Midnight. While it seems to be a love song with a kinky twist, resting in the lower levels is a plea for closeness.

This request to be close together comes from Ben Stanley (synths, beats), Reuben Keeling (vocals, bass guitar) and Bruce Ferguson (vocals, guitar). Together, they create a distinctive sound drawing on hip-hop, indie rock and house. Using shimmering synths, stomping beats and fuzzy bass, they emerge from a neon haze to draw you close.

‘Closer’ hits you with the synth-wave from the first second. The neon sounds of the melody pulse through you and fill you with serious 80s vibes. There is a real retro feel to the melody, but the beats lurking beneath the synths add a modern flair. While you are inundated with these vibes, there is a darkness lurking in the lower levels of the synths. The shimmering synths draw you closer, but there is a sense that they are hiding something sinister that is waiting to overtake you.

When the vocals first enter, they continue the retro vibes of the single. The flow of the vocals is somewhat at odds with the melody at times creating the sonic pulling in different directions. While the single is packed with synths and electronic elements, the vocals are a breath of something organic. Later in the single, the vocals take a dark dip that creates the kinky twist of the lyrics, but also adds to the lurking darkness.

Motel Midnight hits you with a wave of retro vibes wrapped around a kinky love song and pleas for closeness in ‘Closer’. The single hits the ground running and does not let up for a second. The synths pulse against you with 80s vibes while the vocals pull you in a different direction. This all rests over a sinister darkness for a debut single that has seriously set the bar high.

Find out more about Motel Midnight on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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