ibbi Too Vicious – Closed Doors (2022)

Bringing a boundary-breaking new sound to the modern-day rock scene, ibbi Too Vicious leans toward alt-rock of the 90s but with a tinge of the contemporary. Noted as being influenced by The Beatles, Young Thug, Jaden and Steve Jobs, the US-based singer-songwriter’s sound has been described as having an “…intense force, unstoppable movement, honest rage and emotional covibrations…” (MangoWave). Featured in Rising Artists Blog, Fruit Sonic, Sinusoidal Music, YMX and Edgar Allan Poets, the talented musician is turning heads on an international level. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Closed Doors’.

Following his two singles from 2021 – ‘Amethyst Skies’ and ‘Sybarite Tendencies’ (read our review here) – ‘Closed Doors’ fills your senses with an intimate ambience reaching out into a kaleidoscopic soundscape. Unlike the hip-hop-influenced ‘Amethyst Skies’, ibbi Too Vicious reminds me of bands like Dodgy and Supertramp, particularly during the guitar opening. Yet, while there is a high-paced combination of guitars with pounding drums, it is ibbi Too Vicious’ rough vocals that make the track infectious enhancing its energy.

Smooth in its flowing melodic arrangement, ibbi Too Vicious merge with his raw vocals to swirl about in your brain then move down your spine. Moreover, the honesty and desperation in his almost spoken word execution connects with listeners on a deeper level wrapping his hand around your heart and squeezing…metaphorically, of course. ibbi Too Vicious shares that the song is personal but holds a conceptual and relatable theme to it. He explains that ‘Closed Doors’ “was inspired by the idea that nobody knows what we do behind closed doors and when we are alone. No one knows who we’re with, what we do or watch, and we all have things we keep to ourselves. I liked that idea and connected it to my own life through the lens of a private relationship.”  

For more from ibbi Too Vicious check out his official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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