Mothé – Summer’s Almost Gone (2021)

The solo project of non-binary artist Spencer Fort, Mothé brings the synth-pop sound of the 80s into the 21st Century. Highly influenced by David Bowie, the artist has an eclecticism and innovation that is quite difficult to repeat. Despite being a relatively new project, Mothé has already released several single sharing an air of whimsical innocence in his sound. As you can tell, we’re about to praise the US-based singer, however, we are not the only ones singing their praises. Featured in Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Open Call Magazine, Rock the Pigeon, Indie Midlands and Loud Women, the young singer-songwriter is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’.

Following their single ‘Dancing On An Empty Floor’ (read our review here), ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ is the title track of Mothé’s latest four-track EP. As is seen, or rather heard, in ‘Dancing On An Empty Floor’, the latest single weaves a rich tapestry of styles within a soothing melody. As I mentioned before, David Bowie plays a role in Mothé’s core sound; however, the distinctive falsetto with tinges of contemporary dream-pop makes the music utterly unique. What I find particularly interesting in this synth-laden song is how it teeters between whimsical haunting and innocent surrealism.

The thing is, while ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ is an airy song with elements of synth-pop, Mothé’s showcases their versatility as an artist. The movement from a flowing pop to hard-hitting guitar riffs crescendoing to a catchy chorus is intimate, sophisticated and anthemic. Considering the different styles, there is a chance for people of all musical preferences to enjoy the kaleidoscopic sound.

In addition to the single, Mothé released an official music video for ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’. Mothé shares that the video involved “…driving around in a convertible dressed as a sunflower in Scottsdale, Arizona. We created quite the stir for the local residents of the conservative neighbourhood, so much so they called the police. I would love to hear the 911 call saying “I’d like to report a sunflower driving a Thunderbird Convertible down my street!” The video can be viewed below:

For more from Mothé check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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