Mother Culture – Scaramouche (2021)

There are few things in life that are certain but ageing is one of them. While a certainty of life, many of us struggle to come to terms with this fact and that is something Mother Culture has picked up with their single ‘Scaramouche’. Through the folk-pop tones of the single, they look at coming to terms with the reality of ageing and finding the beauty in our mortality.

Brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward are the brains behind this look at mortality as they rejuvenate a demo of Darcy’s earlier musical project. With beautiful vocal harmonies and a slightly psychedelic edge, the duo makes a rather philosophical theme easy on the ears. Since their debut EP last year, the duo have been evolving and growing as an act while getting people excited about what they will bring in the future.

‘Scaramouche’ washes into your senses with a relaxed and hazy vibe that is all warm days and gentle breezes. The folky guitar has you floating on its chilled vibes as it reaches out to the horizon. The acoustic ballad feeling of the track becomes richer as the song progresses with a swell of melodics that is almost decadent. While there is a folk grounding to the melody, there is a tinge of spacy vibes that gives it a more contemplative feeling. It is a very interesting melody is part floating easy and part deep contemplations while resting back on the grass.

The vocals enter with some impressive harmonies that hum through your senses and draw you into the easy vibes of the melody. Against the soft tones of the track, the main vocal line enters like thoughts flitting across your mind. There are some seriously epic harmonisations going on throughout the single that enhances the richness of the melody and the softness of the vibes. All of this makes the messaging in the lyrics easy to connect with. The coming to terms with ageing is subtly woven into the lyrics that touch on moments throughout life and how we feel about them.

Mother Culture have you sinking into a rich soundscape while coming to terms with ageing and mortality in ‘Scaramouche’. The melody builds into a rich and slightly psychedelic movement that you can easily float on. The vocal harmonisations enhance the richness of the music while leading you to the thoughtful lyrics and main vocal line.

Find out more about Mother Culture on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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