Sabrina Carmen – Shh I Won’t Tell (2021)

We all tell little lies to others whether to protect their feelings or to improve how we are viewed. Sabrina Carmen is considering the effect of these little lies in our relationships with others and how they affect us in ‘Shh I Won’t Tell’. Wrapped in dark-pop tones, she has us dancing with tiny secrets, attempting to find answers and feeling the haunting touch of being faced with more questions than when we started.

Diving into the human condition, Carmen worked with Jamie Miller, Rebecca McBride, Rebekah Wilbur and Matt Richert to create this track. They met via Zoom during the pandemic and found that they work well together despite living in different time zones. While they haven’t met in person yet, they combine their skills to create cinematic and sweeping dark pop sounds that are utterly amazing.

‘Shh I Won’t Tell’ opens with Carmen’s vocals that whisper out of the depths with a sultry flow. There is a compelling feeling to her performance that crooks a finger at you to beckon you closer. The low delivery for the verses perfectly captures the darkness that comes from even the smallest of lies and omissions. Her performance rises on the chorus to twirl you around the secrets and questions of the lyrics. There is a really amazing movement to her vocal performance that sweeps through you with a potent emotive hit. You can’t help but want to close your eyes and sway to the movement of her vocals while playing the song on repeat.

While the vocals are captivating and bring the feel of secrets and lies to sonic glory, the melody enhances the feeling. The deep beats of the opening are like a heartbeat that pounds as you are haunted by lies and secrets in a relationship. There is a sweeping feeling to the low levels of the melody that builds and chatters toward the chorus. The music bursts as Carmen’s voice rises on the chorus for an almost gothic waltz through your senses.

Sabrina Carmen twirls tendrils of dark pop around your soul and draws you into a dance of secrets and little lies in ‘Shh I Won’t Tell’. The vocals captivate from the first moment as they whisper from the darkness and draw you under their spell. The melody enhances this movement while creating the dark dance of the track.

Find out more about Sabrina Carmen on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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