Mozes and the Firstborn – Dadcore (2019)

Mozes and the Firstborn are Dutch garage-rock band. They consist of Raven Aartsen, Corto Blommaert, Melle Dielesen and Ernst-Jan van Doorn. Their album Dadcore will be released on January 25th, 2019.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Dadcore’ featuring together PANGEA. It begins with a melodic guitar riff and drum beat. The vocals kick in and it sounds like a fun, jaunty rock song with a catchy chorus; it’s a bit like a dance-rock sound. The track ‘If I’ starts with guitar riffs slightly heavier than the last song. The vocals start and are great; the drum work is amazing and the bass line is catchy.

The track ‘Baldy’ begins with awesome guitar riffs again. It has a very country sound to it and it is brilliant. The vocals are great, the bass is nice and strong, the drums are great, and at 2:27 I like how the guitar riffs ascend into spoken vocals. The track ‘Sad Supermarket Song’ starts with gentle guitar riffs, then the vocals and drum beat kick in. It sounds like quite a heartfelt song as he sings about being in a supermarket, and the sad song that’s playing won’t leave his head; it’s like he has some sort of hurt feelings going on.

The track ‘Fly Out I’ is a 41-second song. It’s a beautifully sung gentle song with beautiful guitar riffs. It’s about how he doesn’t have long to see someone, and how he wants to spend the short amount of time they have together. The track ‘Blow Up’ starts with a heavy bass line, guitar riffs and a great drum beat. The vocals kick in and sound brilliant. He sings about a friend, spending time with them, and how they had a lot of fun together; he’s reminiscing.

The track ‘Hello’ starts with vocals immediately where he sings about a woman called Rosa. He sings about how she went out into the world to say ‘hello.’ He sings about how she can live to be the woman she wanted to be now she’s grown up. The track ‘Scotch Tape/Stick With Me’ features Kelsey Recking. It begins with an eerie sound of guitars, and the drumbeat sounds great. It’s about telling someone to save for something better and new. The guitar riffs are amazing, and the bass guitar riffs are catchy and strong.

Overall, Dadcore is a great rock album. It’s very catchy, and the scorching guitar riffs are epic! It’s definitely an album worth checking out.

For more Mozes & the Firstborn, check out their Facebook, Twitter and official website. Dadcore can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

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