Chay Snowdon – Mon Cheri / Sha La La (2019)

Chay Snowdon album cover image for Mon Cheri
Image courtesy of Chay Snowdon

Amidst the chaos of Brexit, it is calming to know that certain things in the UK remain constant; Chay Snowdon is one of these things.  Four gents from Plymouth (well, it’s more three gents from Plymouth and another from Bristol) are making their way through the country spreading a unique form of rock and roll.  Chay Snowdon, Ed Fox, George Roach and Liam Roberts have grown in style and popularity since my introduction to them last year with sold-out tours, airplay, music festivals, and now a double-track release.

Since their formation in 2015, the band has released several singles, including the well-received ‘Zenobia’ from 2018.  Its high-paced indie sound, and the popular video, increased opportunities that they grabbed with both hands – or maybe they were already there, and I didn’t know.  Either way, the excitement level was and still is buzzing!  As we enter 2019, Chay Snowdon offers their fans something new for the New Year with the upcoming double-track release – ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’.  

Did I really use the word ‘buzzing’?  Yikes!

Two very different songs, but a seemingly similar thread of relationships running through regarding inspiration. 

‘Mon Cheri’ is about admiring someone who just goes off travelling to see the world, but also being a little bit envious that you haven’t gone along for the ride. ‘Sha La La’ is a slower song that follows two people on a night out together and having the time of their lives.

Chay Snowdon

High-paced and high-volume, ‘Mon Cheri’ is a ride from start to end.  Chay’s unique brand of vocals begins as soon as you hit the play button, and the end is as abrupt with bold drumming and pulsating guitar riffs throughout.  Typically Chay Snowdon with a pulsating beat, I believe this indie-rock track will be popular among…well, everyone.  I’ll admit, I prefer ‘Sha La La’.

Have you ever spent a night out with the love of your life forgetting everyone and everything around you?  The moment when your life seems perfect regardless of any other issues in your life.  This person, this night, this dance, this hour; this is all you need.  This is ‘Sha La La’. 

A charming ballad with a gracefulness from well-blended vocals and instrumentation.  I found the line, ‘come with me; I guarantee we’ll get served quicker’ rather amusing – it’s so true.  Not a traditional Chay Snowdon song, but it’s easy to see their stamp on the track.  I hope this movement to slower songs is not a one-time event as the boys demonstrate passion in the ballad with exquisite delicacy.

This is the first time Chay Snowdon have released a double-track, so it’s double the fun in a single bag.  Was that cheesy or sleazy, I’m not sure.  However, I am certain ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ will be added to my playlist, and I’ll probably be humming the latter in the grocery store. 

‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ will be available on the 25th January.  Until then, engage with Chay on his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

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