Ms. M|CHL – New Heartache (2022)

With a new sound, Ms. M|CHL is bringing an all too familiar story to our ears with ‘New Heartache’. Inspired by her experience of meeting a person unlike anyone she has ever encountered, the single captures the feeling of being swept away by emotions only for the end to arrive all too quickly. Packed with bliss, pain and loss, the track carries the underlying promise that love can conquer everything in the end.

Co-written by Damon Turner, the vulnerable and sensitive nature of the story is woven into RnB and trap tones. With a touch of neo-soul, Ms. M|CHL introduces the evolution of her sound and what her second major release will have in store for us. While a little different to what we have heard from her in the past, the new sound is a wonderful step forward and a showcase of her musicality.

The guitars that open ‘New Heartache’ have a slightly distorted feeling to them that grabs your attention with their unique tones. The guitars continue to lead you through the opening verse only to move into a light electronic warble. The deep trap beats rise against these wavering tones bringing an interesting undercurrent to the melody. The interplay between the melodic lines creates a really emotional soundscape for the vocals to shine through. The warbling electronic notes have a sombre and mournful edge while the beats pulse with a strange vulnerability.

Ms. M|CHL’s vocals are a gossamer layer that flutters against your skin. While her performance is soft and tender, there is a depth of emotion woven into each word. She brings a raw feeling to single as she embraces the heartache that comes from a relationship that is over before it really begins. The inclusion of a sound sample from Turner enhances the story of the track and stabs the emotions of her vocals into your heart. The pain and loss of her performance are tempered with a sad acceptance of heartache. Through her vocals, you meet this pain like an old friend which adds to the overall melancholic feeling.

Ms. M|CHL fills your sense with pain, loss and sadness in the emotionally vulnerable ‘New Heartache’ which embraces melancholy like an old friend. The melody is a powerful mixture of RnB and trap as the layers of sound come together to warble an emotional foundation into your soul. Her vocals are poignant and emotive as she squeezes your heart and fills the space around you with sadness.

Find out more about Ms. M|CHL on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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