Pseudo Cool – Modern Man (2020)

Drawing inspiration from iconic punk rockers The Ramones and The Clash, Pseudo Cool is a brash, witty and totally in-your-face foursome. While officially forming in 2019, the Welsh group began creating original material during COVID lockdown in 2020. Planning to release five singles by the end of 2020, Pseudo Cool’s repertoire begins with ‘Modern Man’.

The basic idea of punk rock is a brusque, loud and rambunctious sound with strong political statements touting toward protest songs – for instance, Sex Pistols with ‘Anarchy In The UK’. Of course, that was in the 1970s; however, the need for these type of songs still remains. It might not be typically political, but Pseudo Cool’s ‘Modern Man’ definitely questions social perceptions in a rather enjoyable three minutes.

The result of asking “what’s for dinner?”, ‘Modern Man’ is a satirical look at masculinity in the 21st-century and the frustration it can cause in modern-day relationships. Using amusing lyrics, the track is both profound but with some lightheartedness and humour. I think the humour is emphasised by having a female vocalist singing sarcastically about modern masculinity, but that’s just me.

Melodically, ‘Modern Man’ is a harmonious melding of vocals and instrumentation with a contrary sense of discord between the different elements. An intriguing layering, vocals, guitars and drums each have dominance without overtaking the others. Cathy Bastian’s vocals are particularly enthralling filled with passion, frustration and a certain rawness reminiscent of 7 Year Bitch.

With their blending of brash punk rock and careless grunge, Pseudo Cool has a sound typical of The Gits or Bikini Kill, but with a slight modern twist. If ‘Modern Man’ is anything to go by, the group has a great future ahead of them.

Found out more about Pseudo Cool on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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