MUMA – Mudas Memórias (2021)

There are experiences and stages of life that seem to be universal and we all face them at some point in time. These stages have been brought to sonic life by the psych-rock duo MUMA through their EP Mudas Memórias. Through the five tracks of the EP, they weave the story of a single character as he moves from life beginning to the passage of years, denial, madness and acceptance.

The idea for this EP formed from the previous musical project both Ivo Rebolho (rhythm guitar) and Hugo Santos (lead guitar) were a part of. When they left their last band, the desire to make music waned for a while before the pandemic hit and the creative juices started to flow again. MUMA was formed to unleash the sound they now wanted to make with this EP being recorded remotely through the pandemic.

The EP opens with ‘(Re)começo’ which is perfect in its placement as it dives into the start of life. The track slowly builds to a burst of life that is all vibrating guitars soaring through the air. You can feel the threads of a beginning through the opening before you hit the ground running. The pace of the initial guitar line drops for a softer floating vibe that has you swaying to the movement. This rolls back to a more paced tone creating an interesting cycle through the soundscape that is indicative of the cycle of life. The use of the instrumentation is amazing as it flows from gentle breezes to running lines and a heart-pounding run closer to the end of the track.  

‘Viver até lá’ has a more mature feeling to the opening track like you have become used to the world around you and settled into place. This does not mean that it is any less complex or interesting, but it does bring a completely new vibe to the track. As you walk down the path laid out by the music, you are filled with a strange sense of acceptance of the world around you. When the changes in the guitar lines come through, this acceptance remains while the pulse of tones makes you want to jump around to the sound. It is a rather invigorating track that is an absolute blast to listen to at any time of the day. As with the opening track, there is an almost cyclical feeling to the movement of the track that comes to a rolling end.

There is a darker feeling to the opening of ‘Ir ao Inferno’ as the guitars seem to rise from the dark depths of the soundscape. The movement of the guitar is contrasted by the intense pounding of the drums that race through your chest and get your heart pounding. While completely instrumental, the track seems to confront difficult situations and fills you with the strength you need to face these moments head-on. The guitar lines layer over each other to form the obstacle and the urge to overcome them. it is a really motivating and empowering track that sinks into your chest and fills you with the steely strength needed to overcome anything. The tumbling guitar line that comes through later lifts everything to a new level and has you flying out into the stratosphere with it.

‘Vozes da Solidão’ has a completely different feeling to the other tracks on the EP with a really subdued vibe. There is a mist that creeps through the melody and beckons you deeper into the swirling fog of the track. The guitars start to pluck at the edges of your senses before merging with the mist to swirl around you in an undeniable melodic movement. There is a sense of loneliness to the track that tugs at the back of your brain with the itchiness of isolation scratching up your spine. As the track continues, the instruments seem to taunt you from just outside your reach and tempt you into madness.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Tudo tem um Fim’ lulling movement as the light tones tap against your senses like rain against a window. There is a very chilled feeling to this track that rises up into a burst of emotion. Through the music, you are drawn to a feeling of acceptance of the world around you that settles wonderfully in your chest soothing the rough edges exposed by the rest of the EP. It is a beautiful way to end the EP as the track brings a delightful sense of closure and understanding allowing you to face the world with a strange sense of peace.

Through the instrumental tracks of Mudas Memórias, MUMA gets your heart pounding, fills you with steely strength and lets you go on a wave of understanding and acceptance. Each track is wonderfully unique and showcases the power of its instrumental tones. The poignant emotions of the tracks sink into your skin and leave you wanting more.

Find out more about MUMA on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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