Bridget Kelly Quinn – Isla (2021)

The last two years have brought about a lot of change for many people with a lot of us reconsidering what is really important. This is something that Bridget Kelly Quinn went through and turned into the delicately beautiful ‘Isla’. Touching on becoming a mother, the single considers how important it is to be kind to other people.

While the pandemic played a role in the creation of this single, it really started out as an acapella piece that Quinn sang to her daughter. Over time, it evolved, and with the help of David Lennon on piano, turned into the track we hear today. The single also marks the start of her songwriting career and the beginning of the evolution of her sound.

The light piano notes that open ‘Isla’ bring a bright feeling to the track. There is an honesty woven into each note that crates a tender feeling. There is a stripped-back vibe to the music as the piano-driven melody waltzes through your senses with a gentle rise and fall. This allows the vocals to hit harder and brings the touching emotions to pastel life. There is something about this song that has you sinking back in your seat and letting the emotions of the music flow through you as it leaves a glittering trail of shining light emotions.

Against the waltzing movement of the melody, Quinn’s vocals bring a touch of jazz to the folk-pop tones. Her voice has this edge that takes your mind back to the heyday of jazz. While you sway to the melody, her performance wraps you in a motherly embrace as she turns your face to the positive light of kindness. The lyrics tenderly pick up some of the negatives of life and transform them into a lesson on being kind to others. The birth of this track as an acapella song for her daughter can be heard in the lyrics, but there is a deeper message that we should all take on board woven into the affection tones.

Bridget Kelly Quinn takes the negatives of life and turns them into the importance of being kind through the tender and delicate tones of ‘Isla’. The piano-driven melody has a stripped back feeling that allows her vocals to really shine. The jazzy edge of her performance is wonderfully paired with the folk-pop melody for a lulling single that is utterly beautiful.

Find out more about Bridget Kelly Quinn on her Facebook and Spotify.

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