mUmbo – Swing My Hip (2022)

Through their debut album I Fly With Swallows, mUmbo filled the tracks with a longing for freedom, feeling confined and the healing power of nature. With their follow-up single ‘Swing My Hip’, they are connecting with something deep in our souls that cuts through the fog that surrounds us. Striking a chord on both a personal and societal level, the single considers a bigger picture with a positive message woven in.

Using layered guitars and vocals, they are tapping into a slightly retro vibe with this single, while keeping to their enchanting depths. Chilled, ethereal and modern, the single has a little bit of something for everyone, that takes its connectivity and relatability to another level. With this follow-up to their album, Doug MacGowen and Emma Semple give us another insight into what they have to offer.

‘Swing My Hip’ hits you with the full force of the single from the first note. In the opening, you are treated to the layering of almost bluesy guitars, a toe-tapping beat and a chilled wash of ambient haze. There is no way to stop yourself sliding into the flow of the music from that first note. The draw of the sound only becomes more powerful as the single continues, with new layers being added to the top levels. It is a really artful melodic arrangement that lets each instrument stand out, while adding to the overall movement of the whole. The guitar comes through more in the latter parts of the single, adding a new flavour to the entire single.

Cutting through all of the music are Semple’s vocals that bring a tinge of jazz to the single. While the melody is soft and has you swaying, there is a light waltzing vibe to the vocals. The chilled feeling of the melody is taken to another level by the vocals. The lyrics are an interesting combination of storytelling, chilly images and emotions. Between the vocals and the melody, there is a retro edge that is tempered by something more modern. It is amazing how easy it is to connect with this single whether through the physical sensations invoked by the lyrics or the chilled vibe of the music.

Chilled, ethereal, jazzy and bluesy, ‘Swing My Hip’ by mUmbo touches something ancient in your soul, while taking a personal yet universal look at the world. The single is an amazing combination of elements, from the chilled vibes of the melody to the guitar notes that enter later and the jazzy vocals that cut through the ambient fog. Each instrument stands out but adds to the whole, while the vocals wrap them in an irresistible coating.

Find out more about mUmbo on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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