The Qwarks – Throne of Your Grace (2022)

When listening to The Qwarks you are almost assured of a fun time, whether it’s the tale of ‘Terrible Boo Boo’ or the psychedelic rock appreciation of ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’. The engaging listening experience of their music continues with ‘Throne of Your Grace’, which is packed with more psychedelic rock frenzy. Through the lyrics, the band explores the world of getting gigs, combining a tale of hard work with a touch of religion and spiritual elements.

Picking up on the constant flux that we all seem to be caught in, the single tells a story that a lot of musicians can relate to. Even if you aren’t a musician, the tale of trying to get noticed, only to fall through the cracks, is one that we can all relate to. Using their progressive tones and engaging pop style, the single increases the eagerness we all have for their next EP and album.

‘Throne of Your Grace’ has a quirky opening, with drums that pound against the back of your head and guitars that are just this side of off-kilter. These quirky lines come together with the vocals for a psychedelic flow that is out of this world. Through the music, the band brings the frenzy and flux of the world to life, only for it to warble out to nothing at times. The movement of the guitars is then picked up again to keep you journeying down the tale of the track. Later in the single, the guitars and drums pick up the pace to really bring a rock frenzy to our ears. While there are a lot of melodic elements at play in the melody, they all merge perfectly into a sound that can only be described as The Qwarks.

As you are getting down to the melody, the vocals draw you into the other world tale of the lyrics. Telling the story of a band appealing to the local, extremely important person in a town where they want a gig, the lyrics have a fun yet raw feeling to them. There is a heavy hit of psychedelia to the vocals as they lead you through the single and slide out on the chorus. Woven into the platitudes of the band to this important person is a raw passion for wanting to play music no matter where. As the single continues, there is a suspension of time where you stand on the precipice, wondering where the chips will land.

The Qwarks continue to keep us engaged with the psychedelic quirks of ‘Throne of Your Grace’ that has you moving to the relatable tale. From the first moment, the quirky tones of the band hit you in the back of your head and have you tumbling into the psychedelic rush of the track. The lyrics tell a tale of desperation, pleading and the indifference of important people.

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