Musician of the Month: Chay Snowdon

Image credit to Chay Snowdon

Only just in their twenties and already breaking hearts, the boys of Chay Snowdon are making their way up and down the UK spreading talent wherever they go.  The modern rock ‘n’ rollers (you’ll see the pun soon enough), these four gentlemen from the south of England are slowly becoming a musical sensation.

Chay Snowdon is made up of four players, George Roach on bass, Liam Roberts on lead guitar, Ed Fox on drums and Chay Snowdon singing lead vocals with rhythm guitar.  According to an interview with Jess Zaccaria of The Other Side Reviews, it was Chay that brought the band together.  It seems that George and Liam met Chay when studying music in Plymouth, and when heading to BIMM Bristol, they discovered Ed as the latest addition to the team.  Thank you further education!

Since their formation in 2015, this indie rock ‘n’ roll band has been featured on BBC Introducing, played at the British Fireworks Championships and Liverpool Sound City festival, supported The Sherlocks, and shared the main stage with Jesus and Mary Chain.  All successful performances, and the sold-out shows just keep on coming!  In June this year, Chay and his crew will be the Saturday night headliners for the Freedom Fields Festival.

“I remember growing up in Spain listening to Elvis, then when we came back to England I saw highlights of Glastonbury on TV and thought it was pretty damn cool!  So, I decided to pick up a guitar and learn from YouTube tutorials, and as my taste in music started to broaden and grow, my desire to be a musician grew with it.”   –   Chay Snowdon

While we are still awaiting a full-length debut album, Chay has released several singles including the ‘Modern Rock ‘n’ Roller’ (see the pun) and the popular ‘Zenobia’.  Since its release in early 2018, ‘Zenobia’ has been played on BBC Wales with an official music video making the rounds online.  Beware, you may become slightly hypnotised with the good music and the fact that they’re easy on the eyes.

Chay decided to bend to his fans’ needs and recently started a YouTube channel embarking on the wonderful act of vlogging.  A new project, there are not many videos to speak of; however, the vlogs available include Chay on the radio, flying across London like Harry Potter and speaking with McFly’s Dougie Poynter after performing with Dougie’s new band Ink.

Chay Snowdon is set for stardom, so be sure that you are on the road enjoying the musical journey.   To enjoy more Chay Snowdon awesomeness, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe!).

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