The Empire Police – ‘By The Scenes’ (2018)

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Imagine going for a spontaneous drive with the windows rolled down, or a BBQ with friends and a couple of ciders, listening to those old school tunes – that’s what I think about when I listen to The Empire Police’s new track ‘By The Scenes’.  Formed in 2015 in Preston, the four-piece have created a beautiful tune, with bundles of energy and some impressive indie style vocals.

We are introduced to the track through heavy guitars and crashy symbols which really adds to the dynamic of the intro.  With some ascending walking bass lines, it really drives the rest of the band forward into the next chord for this spirited intro.

The verses are much subtler, with simple guitar chords and a chugging technique, letting the vocals protrude through the rest of the track.  The vocals are nasally and have an alternative sound to them, with strong delivery and a good transition from chest voice into the higher register.  I always find it’s great to repeat certain elements of a song, as it allows the audience to dance along to something they’ve heard before.  The Empire Police have done just that, by repeating the introduction.  I definitely found myself bobbing along while writing my notes!

It’s difficult to tell the different sections apart in this track, but I believe it’s the chilled out bridge that really makes this song worth listening to.  Some more walking bass is added to this section, with beautiful guitar decoration.  Although The Empire Police’s influences include The Cribs, The Strokes and The Smiths, I feel their choice of chords and sound effects for this section follows some Pink Floyd inspiration.  With the whirly guitar effects and chromatic movements, I feel like I am listening to an unreleased song from The Wall.

After the bridge, the kick drum drives the track forward with a simple on the beat technique and some call and response riffs from a heavily affected keyboard, acting as a separate harmony or backing vocal.  It would have been nice to hear some more backing vocals, especially on the bridge to create a beautiful ambient vibe.

The outro repeats the lyrics “we live our life by the scenes”, with some distorted effect and volume alteration.  I would highly recommend taking a listen to The Empire Police and checking them out on their Twitter, Facebook and Spotify!

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